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Portraits of India

a cross-chain NFT collection on Ethereum & Tezos blockchains


Why crosschain:

Our believe is that future is cross-chain, we wanted to mix two significant ecosystems Tezos where we started this journey and Ethereum. Our intention is to start building bridges between these two communities, break the inertia and ostracism between chains towards a new decentralized stage in the NFT space.

"This collection invites us to a five chapters journey trough a complex and millenary culture, which can hardly be described in words, Portraits of India is an invitation to travel"


Chapter 1: Landing, the ancient city of Cochin

A port city with an intense scene in streets,  markets or religious fests. A water bridge between modernity and tradition.


Chapter 2: Land exploitation and workers of Munnar

"A main place in the collection is taken by the workers. Somehow this protagonism affirms that this working class is the one that carries the country forward."


Chapter 3: The railroad as a melting pot of clases

"From beginning to end we feel in movement, we have been awakened our curiosity, with the vertiginous rhythm in which India intercepts the strangers look."


Chapter 4: Hampi, holy city of hinduism

"On this trip we also experienced religion and spirituality in its different forms, temples and festivities, religious people, even a street wedding in a village."


Chapter 5: City contrast in Mumbai

"Between sensoriality, smiles and spirituality, poverty also appears in its crudest face."


About the autor

My name is Ariel García Giménez, I was born in Buenos Aires in April 1983. I started in photography in 2005 and since 2010 I dedicate myself to it full time. I am a photographer and audiovisual communicator, formally studied cinematographic photography direction at the CFP - SICA (Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina) and Visual Communication at the Walter Benjamin Foundation and  UNSAM University.

Passionate about portrait and documentary photography, I try to give an ethnographic approach to my work, seek to make visible aspects of humanity that challenge me through a sensitive, artistic and socially responsible expression.

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Total of 60 pictures in 2 blockchains and 3 marketplaces all mixed in 5 chapters.

  • 30 1/1 platinum selection on Ethereum available on Opensea

  • 8 multiple edition genesis selection pictures from my starts on NFT market on Hic Et Nunc

  • 22 1/1 complementary Tezos editions in Rarible on its own smart contract.

  • All pictures taken with Canon 6D + Canon ef 50mm f1.2L

  • Photos taken in February 2017

  • Copyrighted protected material

  • Prints allowed for collectors for personal use only, contact me for full size file. All other rights reserved.



2021 - First experiences in blockchain over Tezos

-First 8 photos mints on HicEtNunc

-HicEtNunc go down, I decide go crosschain and goal web3

-Build this website 2.0  

2022 and beyond: road to web3

-Deploy smart contract on ETH with Manifold 
-Deploy smart contract on XTZ

-May: Mint Chapter 1

-When Chapter 1 sold 70%  then Mint Chapter 2

repeat until mint Chapter 4

-Develop full web 3.0

-Mint last chapter on web3.0

Next collection full web 3.0